One of the objectives of the Iberia Graeca centre is to create a bibliographical database that includes all the publications concerning the material documents demonstrating the trade and presence of the Greeks in the Iberian Peninsula, as well as other fundamental studies regarding the Greek colonisation of the Mediterranean.

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KABBADIAS 2000 G.G. Kabbadias: O Zographos tu Sabouroff, Atenas.

KAEMPF-DIMITRIADOU 1979 S. Kaempf-Dimitriadou: Die Liebe der Götter in der attischen Kunst des 5. Jahrhunderts V. Chr, Berna.

KOEHLER 1979 C. G. Koehler: Corinthian A and B Transport Amphoras, University Microfilms International, Princeton University.

KOEHLER 1981 C. G. Koehler: Corinthian developments in the Study of Trade in the Fifth Century B. C., Hesperia 50, Princeton, 449-458. [+info]

KYRIELEIS/KIENAST/WEISSHAAR 1985 H. Kyrieleis, H. J. Kienast, H. J. Weisshaar: Ausgrabungen im Heraion von Samos 1980-81, Archäologische Anzeiger, Manning, 352-365.

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