Iberia Graeca. The Greek archaeological legacy on the Iberian Peninsula
Xavier Aquilué, Paloma Cabrera (Coord.)
Iberia Graeca Centre
Girona, 2012
ISBN: 978-84-393-9071-8
Legal Deposit: GI-966-2012

Iberia Graeca

This publication is designed as a book of scientific dissemination, addressed to a non-specialist public. It is a guide of the peninsular Greek archaeological legacy. It is a presentation of the current state of the archaeological evidence of the presence of Greek culture on the Iberian Peninsula and the Iberia Graeca Centre.

The book contains the following chapters:

Presentation (Executive Council of the Iberia Graeca Centre)

1.- The Greeks in the West
Paloma Cabrera (Centro Iberia Graeca-Museo Arqueológico Nacional)

2.- Classical Greek Sources and their Relation with Iberia
Adolfo J. Domínguez (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

3.- Historiography of Greek Archaeology on the Iberian Peninsula
Paloma Cabrera (Centro Iberia Graeca-Museo Arqueológico Nacional)
Ricardo Olmos (CSIC-Instituto de Historia)

4.- Greek Colonies in Iberia
Xavier Aquilué (Centre Iberia Graeca-Museu dArqueologia de Catalunya)

5.- Greek Pottery in Iberia. Tableware and Representational Objects
Carmen Sánchez (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

6.- Greek Pottery in Iberia. Amphorae and Food Trading
José Pérez Ballester (Universitat de València)

7.- Greek Numismatics in Iberia: Mints and Currency Circulation
Pere Pau Ripollès (Universitat de València)

8.- Greek Sculpture in Iberia
Martín Almagro-Gorbea (Real Academia de la Historia)

9.- Greek Epigraphy in Iberia
María Paz de Hoz (Universidad de Salamanca)

10.- Greek Toreutics and Precious Metal Work in Iberia
Sebastián Celestino (Unidad Asociada Universidad Autónoma de Madrid/Instituto de Arqueología de Mérida del CSIC)

11.- The Indigenous Peoples and the Greeks: Emulations and Hybridity
Arturo Ruiz (Centro Andaluz de Arqueología Ibérica. Universidad de Jaén)

12.- Sites, Museums and Collections of Greek Archaeological Legacy in Spain and Portugal
Eduardo García Alfonso (Junta de Andalucía, Delegación Provincial de Cultura, Málaga)

13.- A Thousand Years of Hispano-Greco Political, Military and Cultural Relations (6th to 16th Centuries)
Eusebi Ayensa (Instituto Cervantes de Atenas)

14.- Spanish-Greek Cultural Relations from the 19th Century to the Present
Pedro Bádenas de la Peña (CSIC-Instituto de Lenguas y Culturas del Mediterráneo)

15.- The Iberia Graeca Centre
Xavier Aquilué (Centre Iberia Graeca-Museu dArqueologia de Catalunya)
Paloma Cabrera (Centro Iberia Graeca-Museo Arqueológico Nacional)

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Here you can download the PDF version in Spanish-Catalan and also the PDF version in English-Greek.

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